Tonight's the big night - Kaizers are gonna play a concert, and YOU ARE HERE! Woohoo, at last another concert! You really can't wait... You've traveled far for this - you've been on the road since eight this morning. You're pretty tired, but nothing can stop you now... a Kaizers concert is exactly what you need now to wake up. It's just gonna be amazing!

People are already crowding up in front of the concert hall, waiting to get in. You can already see them from far away, and it's obvious what they're waiting for. You arrive and get in line, anxious for the doors to open! You check your bag again for your ti... Wait a minute... NO! Where's your ticket? You DID pack it, didn't you? You must have, I mean, you didn't just leave this morning and get on the train without your ticket? That's impossible. Waaaah! You're stupid sometimes, but not THAT stupid!

You're on the edge of panic and check your bag again... not much in there anyway. And NO TICKET! And this f*(%in' concert has been sold out for months, no way to just buy another one! But you MUST get in, there's no other option, the only other option would be this really really high bridge you passed on the train on the way coming here, but naah, that's not really an option...

Type start to begin playing.
Type help at any time during the game to get a list of possible commands.